Feb 15, 2020

New Features in Anybuffer 2020.1:

  • 🎈Smart Shelves .Browse items based on configured search criteria - item shelf, type, name or date added.
  • 🎈Sketching Mode. Quickly sketch an idea and save image to Anybuffer, available in Add Menu “+”
  • 🎈Edit Text. Modify text items without leaving the app, tap edit from item contextual menu


  • ⚙️ Tap on sorting control second time to switch between ascending and descending
  • ⚙️ New icons in the Settings screen
  • ⚙️ Contextual menu now smarter about available options, i.e. “Compress All” only available if shelf contains items
  • ⚙️ Share Extension better handles shares from Files app
  • ⚙️ Share Extension activates in more cases and support more apps
  • ⚙️ Anybuffer will occasionally ask for review
  • ⚙️ Improved name detection for items added with drag & drop

Bug fixes:

  • 🐛Item borders don’t update with theme switches
  • 🐛In dark theme, white line appears on the left side, when sidebar collapsed
  • 🐛 Show\Hide sidebar chevron has wrong orientation in some cases
  • 🐛 Navigation bar mismatch current theme in some cases


Dec 29, 2019

  • 🐛Fixed crash when select Inbox on the first launch in some cases


Nov 25, 2019

New Features in Anybuffer 2.1:

  • 🎈Contextual Menus for Filter. Long press Filter item to show contextual menu.
  • 🎈Compress. Compress one or more items. Available in Item’s, Shelf’s and Filter’s contextual menu.
  • ⚙️ Nitpicky Settings:
    • Items View Header. Set default control in the header - Sorting or Filter.
    • Small Thumbnails. Optionally show more items on iPhone and in compact layout on iPad.
    • Text Size. Choose font size you like for text item’s thumbnail.


Nov 6, 2019

New Features in Anybuffer 2.0:

  • Completely new design, feels at home on iOS and works better on iPhone
  • Multiple Windows on iPad OS
  • Dark Mode
  • Powerful Siri Shortcuts
  • Context Menus (tap and hold on items or shelves)
  • New multitasking select gesture, swipe with two fingers to select multiple items
  • New Cards UI, looks and works great om iPad
  • New Quick Look feature adds edit function for images and PDFs
  • Scan documents with your camera
  • Better Thumbnails
  • In-app Search
  • Sort items by name, date, size or kind
  • Great keyboard shortcuts support


  • iCloud sync reliability improvements
  • Better default item name when adding from clipboard and share extension
  • Lot’s of under the hood changes make this release much more stable and reliable

What’s next:

  • Integration with iOS Files to be release in 2019
  • Biometric


Dec 8, 2018

A couple of nasty bugs were introduced in the previous release… :(

Fixing it as soon as I can:

  • 🐛Item removal may cause a crash
  • 🐛Dark theme glitches


Nov 27, 2018

  • 🎈Support for new iPad Pro: new screen sizes and Face ID
  • 🎈Clipboard history mode: add items from clipboard automatically
  • 🎈Shortcuts app integration
  • ⚙️Item representations view respects applied filter


Sep 8, 2018

  • ⚙️More reliable filter counts
  • ⚙️Improved Sharing with other apps


Aug 28, 2018

🐛Share sheet bug fixes


Aug 23, 2018

⚙️Improved sharing compatibility with Evernote and AirDrop


Jul 16, 2018

New features:

  • ⚙️Greatly enhanced keyboard support, now you can navigate items and perform quick actions without touching the screen!
  • 🎈New Copy and Share actions in Action Drawer, quickly copy or share one or several items with Drag&Drop
  • 🎈Restrict access to Anybuffer with Touch\Face ID


  • 🐛Copy\Paste preserves item name
  • 🐛Performance improvements for large number of items
  • 🐛Fixed a few typos


Mar 28, 2018

New & Improved:

  • 🎈Item re-order using drag & drop
  • 🎈Custom Keyboard for quicker access to your items, right where you need them
  • 🎈Extract files from Zip archives: drop archive on Action Drawer(can be enabled in settings) to unarchive


  • 🐛UI may stagger during iCloud synchronization


Mar 20, 2018

New & Improved:

  • ⚙️iOS system search now can find items in Anybuffer
  • ⚙️Improved preview for some data types
  • ⚙️Improved reliability of the Share Extension
  • ⚙️Optimized storage and traffic usage


  • 🐛Adding EPUB, Pages and Numbers from Files fails
  • 🐛Some alert dialogs are not readable using black theme


Mar 6, 2018 🐛Fixed a crash introduced in last release.


Mar 5, 2018


  • 🎈Dark Theme
  • 🎈Smart web-url handling for App Store and Instagram, custom preview and image extraction
  • ⚙️Option to disable Action Drawer(drop area which replace filters during drag)
  • ⚙️Better drag animation and item preview
  • ⚙️Better support for different data types
  • 🎈New shelf icons


  • 🐛iCloud settings switch false-positive state
  • 🐛App Icon not changing on iPad


Feb 27, 2018

Initial release.